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Valentine's Day - Cheeky

Valentine's Day - Cheeky

12 Cookies containing Valentine's Day themed fortunes


1. It's Valentine's Day. But who gives a shit?


2. Hey Valentine. Take your pants off and let's do this.


3. Will you be my Valentine? I promise to shave my legs.


4. Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love. And to laugh at single people.


5. It's Valentine's Day again. Let's get drunk.


6. You deserve the best Valentine's Day ever. Too bad all I can afford are these cookies.


7. Valentine's Day is about love and spending time together. But I'd prefer chocolate.


8. Happy Valentine's Day. Let's get freaky.


9. Will you be my Valentine? Wait, you like to put out. Right?


10. Blah, blah, blah love and stuff.


11. You'll do.


12. You're pretty fucking awesome. Keep that shit up.


Compose your own set of custom fortune cookie messages. Contact us here to get started.


    12 Hand made fortune cookies individually wrapped & packaged in a single box.

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