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Love...Sort Of

Love...Sort Of

12 Cookies containing "Love...Sort Of" messages


1. I'll love you forever. Unless you become horribly disfigured, or get Ebola, or lose a limb…actually if you get a bad sunburn I'm outta here.


2. From the moment we met I knew we were going to be together forever. We better be. I've already started to let myself go a little.


3. Out of all the people I've French kissed, you're definitely the best. And trust me, I've frenched a lot of people.


4. You and I make such a cute couple. I bet we could be models. Well maybe not you with a face like that.


5. I love being with you and being able to touch your butt whenever I want to.


6. I promise to love you for as long as you live…


7. Every day I fall in love with you more and more. Well, not every day. Yesterday you were pretty annoying.


8. We're a match made in heaven. But we're naughty. Like probably going-to-hell naughty.


9. I really love you…and the dirty stuff you let me do to you.


10. Sometimes I think you fell down from heaven. Not just because your face is all crooked but because you're like a sweet, sweet angel.


11. If only everyone had someone as wonderful as you. Sure you're not as smart as you think but overall you're pretty great.


12. We have such a great time together. But how could we not? You're fucking rad!


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    12 Fortune cookies packaged in an authentic chinese takeout box. Each cookie contains "Love...Sort Of" themed messages

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