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Chinese New Year - Traditional

Chinese New Year - Traditional

12 Cookies containing Chinese New Year themed fortunes


1. Wishing you good health and much success in 2021


2. May this year be filled with happiness, prosperity and precious moments with loved ones.


3. According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year of the Ox will be lucky for all.


4. May good luck follow you with every step.


5. Wishing you happiness, cheerfulness, and success in 2021.


6. Welcome the New Year with a smile and keep smiling all year round.


7. I hope for 2021 to rock your world with joy and achievements.


8. It's time to say goodbye to the old year. Now, welcome the new year with a heart full of positivity and new hopes.


9. May the New Year give you courage to adjust to the obstacles and strength to face the challenges of life.


10. May this year of the Ox bring you strength to face and overcome every difficult obstacle that comes your way.


11. 2021 is going to bring plenty of rewards to those who work hard on achieving their dreams.


12. You will experience astonishing personal growth this year.


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    12 Hand made fortune cookies individually wrapped & packaged in a single box.

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