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Chinese New Year - Funny

Chinese New Year - Funny

12 Cookies containing off color Chinese New Year fortunes


1. Happy Chinese New year to you and the Chinese government official that monitors your activity


2. May your Chinese New Year dinner be filled with nothing but the finest Ox penis


3. Saying happy Chinese New Year is a great way to redeem yourself after forgetting to say Merry Christmas.


4. Happy Chinese New Year. OK, I said it. Now hand over my red envelope BIATCH!


5. Go ahead and celebrate Chinese New Year by recklessly shooting firecrackers in public locations.


6. Don't worry about dragons. If you look closely you'll see there are people inside.


7. Late again with the New Years celebration China.


8. Enjoy honoring the traditions and customs of a country that has missiles aimed at North America.


9. Let's celebrate Chines New Year by rigidly conforming to the strictly enforced suggestions for celebrating.


10. Just want to wish you a happy Chinese New Year using the easy to comprehend western alphabet.


11. Usher in the new year by scaring off a mythological, noise-sensitive, child-eating beast.


12. Bitch better have my money.


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